This course provides understanding of the basic concepts of the balanced scorecard as a system used to align business activities to the vision and strategy of business. The aim of this course is to understand Strategy Deployment & Measurement using the Balanced Scorecard, so as to translate strategy into action across
four perspectives; namely Financial Value, Customer Delivery, Internal Processes and Learning & Growth. The course will also topically cover Balanced Scorecard exercises and implementation methodologies.

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Learning Outcome
 Awareness of the Balanced Scorecard as a system for management.
 Practice in developing your own Balanced Scorecard.
 Establishing the organization’s state of preparedness for developing a full scale Balanced Scorecard.
 Development of KPIs

Course Contents
1. Balanced Scorecard Overview
2. Strategic Quality Management Challenges
3. Mission, Vison & Values
4. SWOT analysis
5. Strategy Mapping
6. KPIs development
7. Implementing BSC in companies
8. Balanced Scorecard and making exercises

Valuable For
Useful program for Top Management, Quality Managers, HoDs and Planners


One day