Managing Quality in the Current Socio Economic Scene in South Asia

Janak Mehta

Year:    2011
Category:    Quality Technology
Source:   ICQI 2011 – Pakistan`s 12th International Convention on Quality Improvement & 2nd ANQ Regional Conference

Publisher:   PIQC Institute of Quality

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Chairperson Asian Network for Quality (ANQ),Chairman & Managing Director TQM International Ltd, Delhi, INDIA


Quality has played an important role in many societies to uplift the quality of life. By its very definition quality leads to improved satisfaction, reduced cycle time and lower waste. North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea and the Asian Tigers are classical examples leading to economic prosperity and social well being. South Asia is one of the most densely populated and impoverished regions of the world in terms of per capita income, literacy rate and health particularly malnutrition amongst the children.
There has been some improvement over the last 60 years but at a rate much lower than the rest of the world. The share of the region in international trade is also languishing at less than 2% while the share of the population is about 20%. There are islands of excellent work in the field of quality management in the South Asian region
but it has been restricted to a few sectors of economy where the competition has emerged and / or where export of products and services is a requirement. Challenge is how to replicate the success stories in other sectors of economy and across all parts of the region. In this context learning from each other and horizontal deployment would be helpful. Role of organizations of quality professionals is also important. Hopefully these conferences will provide an opportunity to share experiences and learn application oriented approaches.
Cluster approach in India starting with automotive sector and then deployed in other sectors has been particularly successful. Recent initiatives on quality in school education and healthcare seem to be making reasonable progress. The conference could make an attempt to set up an institutional arrangement for regular experience sharing and deployment.