Khurram Nawaz

Year:    2002
Category:   TQM
Source:   ICQI 2002 – Pakistan 7th International Convention on Quality Improvement, Karachi
Publisher:   PIQC Institute of Quality

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Khurram Nawaz, currently working as Quality Planning Officer with DNATA (A part of Emirates Group) at Dubai International Airport. He has 13 years of practical experience of management systems Development/ implementation, production, R & D, Laboratory, material Handling, etc., from diversified industries such as service/ Aviation manufacturing, construction contracting and Trading. Presently he is working on application of business excellence practices based on business excellence model at Dnata Airport Operations, Dubai. He holds a Master’s in Applied Geology from Punjab University, Lahore, and diploma in Quality Management / materials technology from Japan. Khurram is certified assessor for Dubai Quality Award and Business Excellence model. He is a Lead auditor for Quality management system (ISO 9001), Environmental Management system (ISO 14001), health & Safety management system OH&SAS (18001). He has been a guest faculty for TQM for MBA at international University of Missouri, USA, Dubai campus. He is certified trainer for Internal Quality auditor and Quality action Team courses. His articles and papers have been published in the Dubai newspapers, Quality Quill and Quality Progress.


DNATA Airport Operations, Dubai, first airport operator to gain ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

Rising demand from customers for excellent service at a time of increasing competition demanded that Dnata , a ground handling company, part of Emirates Group, based at Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates, stay competitive.

By becoming the world’s first airport operator to achieve ISO 9001:2000 certification, Dnata’s management knew the company would not only improve internal operations but also satisfy customers.

In September 1999, DNATA, established in 1959 and now employing 5,000 professionals, began focusing on how to achieve and enhance customer satisfaction and become a world-class operation. The company adopted multiple approaches to achieve its goals, such as Project management, Process management, Management by objectives, process performance measurement, Customer Feedback, Training and staff meetings, Quality Action teams, Service Improvement Feedback system and Management review.

In January 2001, DNATA airport operations became the world’s first ground handling agency to achieve ISO 9001:2000 certification, the total commitment of the management, quality planning department and tireless efforts of staff made the dream come true.

As everyone knows, this was just a milestone — not a destination. Now we look forward to the next milestone such as Environment Management System ISO 14001 and Dubai Quality Award by applying Business Excellence model.