Targeting Quality of Education

Behram J. Pestonji

Year:    2003
Category:   Education Quality
Source:   EQ 2003 – Pakistan 1st National Conference on Quality Assurance in Education, Lahore
Publisher:   PIQC Institute of Quality

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Author’ Introduction:   

Behram J. Pestonji is a graduate in Aeronautical Engineering (Aerospace). Served the PAF in various aircraft engineering positions before secondment to the Ministry of Defense, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra for a term of nearly a decade. In the private sector, served in some of the most prominent engineering concerns of Pakistan as their Quality Assurance Head. Achievements involved the implementation of ISO 9001 based Quality Management Systems and allied technical activities.

Now, associated with the formulation and implementation of Quality Assurance in the education sector, “The Educators” School Network Association program. Author of various papers and articles on National Standardization management, Defense R&D/Productivity and Quality Assurance in Pak culture. He has been a member of the consultants group at the National Physical Standards Laboratories (NPSL), Islamabad.

A life member, Royal Aeronautical Society of Pakistan (MRAeS). A member of the Institute of Engineers, Pakistan (MIE).


Quality secondary education in Pakistan requires an impetus to bring into its ambit children from the middle class that constitute a majority out of an approximately 54% of Pakistan’s children.

The private sector due its resourcefulness and dynamism has been essentially involved in the establishment of commercially viable, qualitatively sound education for the upper and middle classes for more than two decades. Such educational institutions have mushroomed under multi-campus systems, which now spearhead the spread of education in Pakistan through a blend of internationally acceptable academic standards within our social and cultural environment.

This experience relates to the establishment of a project that targets quality of education under a school franchise system or a network association, the first in Pakistan. This project is unique in its nature, in its management, in its structure and in its emphasis on quality assurance principals and practices.

In its nature the project emanates from an exclusive franchiser specified system, specifications and services. Its management is based on commitment; professionalism and empowerment, aided by a countrywide I.T based networking. The project has been structured to integrate various operating functions of the network into a countrywide association. The integration is participative and practically translates to a coordinated form of experienced learning.

This school network association system can rightly boast of establishing itself in line with internationally acceptable quality assurance norms and practices. The system has developed documentation and their controls in order to service each and every aspect of school operations. Training on systems, processes and their operations is mandatory. While, the improvement cycle is in place, statistical analysis tools are used to identify focus areas in relevance to various requirements of stakeholders and customers.

The system is inherently dynamic, with consistent research for new and improved products, process development, process controls and relevant validations. These validations are done with a focus onto specific quality assurance objectives for quality of products as well as customer needs.

Constant feedback, evaluation, analysis, review and improvement activities are applicable to each campus with the purpose of adherence to specified standards and procedures in ensuring quality of education and environment for our most important customer, the “student”.

The project management’s commitment towards quality education is further demonstrated through its ongoing effort to strengthen its base through adoption of the ISO 9001:2000 standard for consequent certification.