PIQC Institute of Quality Conferences

PIQC Institute of Quality hosts Pakistan’s biggest Quality event biannual International Conventions on Quality Improvement (ICQI) since 1995. This convention has become the o national platform for the exchange of modern quality concepts, researches and practices. 13 conventions have been organized so far in the country, which have produced around 200 presentations, case studies and research papers. All these presentations case studies and research papers are placed on PIQC website for free issue/downloading to students, researchers and professionals carrying out research. These are widely used by many universities and colleges locally as well as globally.


International Convention on Quality Improvement – ICQI

ICQI 2014 Pakistan’s 13th International Convention on Quality Improvement

ICQI is part of the series of conventions which are organized by PIQC on regular basis since 1995 to promote Quality movement in the country…