TQM in Public Sectors

Total Quality  Management (TQM) is an organized function in public and  private sector organizations for
standardization and progressive improvement in the overall performance of their  products, services, processes and
systems. It has a long history of application in manufacturing companies,  however, since last two decades, TQM is
used as a tool by many states, governments and public sector organizations  to improve their performances and

The countries where it is state sponsored include UAE, India,  Malaysia, Turkey, Iran Sri Lanka and many Gulf States. This field is yet to be sponsored by the state or most of the public sector organizations in Pakistan. It is high time that TQM should become part of our national strategy for the public sector organizations, in order to improve the quality of their services and ensuring sustain ability.

It is highly valuable, interactive and practical course sharing experiences of various neighboring countries for developing effective strategies for TQM. It introduces many state  of the art TQM frameworks, tools and methodologies, which can be adopted or adapted by public sector organizations to enhance and sustain their quality of services.

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