Educational institutions make a major share of service industry. Quality of service provided by
educational institutions is as much important as quality of manufacturing a product. At times, control
of service quality becomes more difficult than quality control during manufacturing of a product due to
fragile nature and concurrent production and provision of service.
Generic quality parameters for service can be presented as criteria set. However, the criteria set can not
be used as such for assessment of educational institutions, as it requires a tailored and modulated
Off-line service quality control is only segregation of bad product from good one. A low grade
qualified student normally gets a low grade and low paid job in the industry and has fewer chances for
career progression in comparison to a high grade qualified student who has a high market value. ‘ONLINE
PROCESS CONTROL’ is as much important in service industry as it is in the manufacturing
A case study of ‘on-line service process control’ of an Engineering Educational Institution is presented
in this paper. This is the first practice of on-line process control which has resulted in high
performance. Other educational institutions of the country can follow this practice to carry out on-line
process control of their institutions for providing excellent service quality. Action plan can be
formulated, after gap analysis, to convert all, if possible, off-line processes control to on-line control so
as to stop production of non-conforming products/service.