It is a source of pleasure and satisfaction for us that PIQC Institute of Quality has been actively involved and the pioneer in the professional development of the field of Quality Engineering & Management in Pakistan. The various initiatives taken by PIQC have resulted into provision of well-groomed human resource infrastructure and system oriented approach to the corporate sector within and outside the country. With the blessing of Almighty Allah, it is well reputed and credible organization at the national and international level for its services and efforts to improve the field of Quality in the country. PIQC, with wide range of services and the support of top professionals and experts, has established a Centre for Excellence in Quality and allied fields, like Human Resource Management, Environment Health & Safety Management, etc. It has also made technical collaborations with leading local universities at the higher education level for specialization in Quality Management and connected areas.

We, together with our team and associates are making continuous efforts to make our programs more and more useful for professionals as well as corporations.

Chief Executive of PIQC Institute

Kamran Moosa, PhD