Leadership and Quality Control Skills for Supervisors

Leadership and Quality Control Skills for Supervisors

Supervisors are the back bone of our industries. They are playing a crucial role in the Country’s Industrial production and development. It is not just their technical abilities but also their leadership & quality control skills which make the difference between a strong and weak supervisor. This course focuses on developing the leadership qualities and quality control skills in supervisors to make them more productive for their organizations.

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Understanding basic attributes of leadership and quality control
Understand practical approaches for building motivation and organizational behavior, managing lab’s testing and inspection activities
Understand the current issues, problems and solutions to leadership and quality aspects


  • Leadership, Communicator & Motivator, QC Fundamentals
  • Basics of ISO 9001, Basic Statistical Process Control
  • Inspection, Testing, QC, QA and QMS, Process Control (PDCA)
  • Inspection Variation/Errors
  • Introduction to Sampling Methods/Acceptance


Supervisors, Testers and Inspectors working in labs or in production department of the industry

Duration: Two Days
Venue: Lahore
Course Instructor: Qualified and experienced tutors with extensive hands-on experience

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