Fundamentals of Risk Management

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standard requires ‘risk-based’ approach embedded in the activities of organization. The main theme is to examine the relevant “risk” during planning, execution and before deciding a solution to a problem. Risk assessment provides a mechanism for identifying risks which represent opportunities or potential pitfalls. Risk assessment process empowers management to better identify, evaluate, and exploit the right risks for their business, while maintaining the appropriate controls to ensure effective and efficient operations and regulatory compliance. Risk management enables an organization to consider the potential impact of all types of risks on all processes, activities, stakeholders, products and services.

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Learning Outcomes:

1: Understand fundamentals of risk assessment
2: Understand the risk assessment framework.
3: Comprehend the risk management process.
4:Conduct root cause analysis.
5: Implement sample risk assessment.

Course Contents:

1: Fundamentals of Risk Management.
2: Framework and Process for risk management.
3:Requirements of Risk Management Standard (ISO 31000:2009).
4:Risk Assessment Tools for Quality, Health & Safety.
5:Statistical Techniques for risk management.

Valuable for:

This course is useful for all levels of professionals who are involved in Production, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Health & Safety and those with a similar responsibility for carrying out risk assessment at the work place or organization.





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