Registrations Open – The Superior College, Lahore

Registrations Open Fall – 2020 : The Superior College run weekend based classes for Masters and MS / MPhil degree programs at Lahore. This is a unique program where classes are run on weekend and which provide special credentials, knowledge base, practical skills and helps in job placement, nationally and internationally.  Currently these degree programs are offered in the fields of Quality Management (TQM), Human Resource Management, Industrial Management and EHS Management since 2007.

Masters, MS / MPhil Degree Programs (Weekend Programs)

Masters Degrees are for those with min of 14 years of education while MS / MPhil is for those with minimum of 16 years of relevant Bachelors degree.  The Superior College Lahore, specialized areas; i.e. Quality Management (TQM), EHS Management, Industrial Management and Human Resource Management.  The degrees are as follows:

  1. Masters in Quality Management (TQM)
  2. Masters in Human Resource Management (HRM)
  3. Masters in Industrial Management (IM)
  4. Masters in EHS Management (EHS)
  5. MS / MPhil in Quality Management
  6. MS / MPhil in Human Resource Management
  7. MS / MPhil in Industrial Management
  8. MS / MPhil in EHS Management