Certified Environment Health and Safety Professional (CEHSP)

Certified Environment Health & Safety Professional (CEHSP)

This is a 4 months evening (6pm to 9pm, two days a week) Post – Graduate level advanced practical program in Karachi and a weekend based program on Sundays in Lahore. This course provides a foundation in the field of Health, Safety and Environment profession. An HSE department is usually an integral part of any company efforts to meet its Employee’s legal obligations to provide a safe workplace and pollution free environment. It helps employers fulfill their legal obligations under the national laws by training a workplace trainer to train fellow workers. To accurately know the working environment of workplaces is an important first step in healthcare and the industrial safety and health Laws require periodic measurement of various environmental conditions particularly for the environmental measurement of a workplace where a harmful substance, etc. is handled. It is necessary to understand the working methods, etc. and to have advanced knowledge and techniques concerning the establishment of measuring places and the handling of measuring instruments.

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Intended Learning Outcomes

To develop, implement and audit a Health, Safety and Environment Professional Program.
Understand the types of Industrial Accidents and their effects on employees, the work organization, and society at large.
To understand the nature and causes of Industrial Accidents and Environmental Pollution
To Identify the measures that organizations can take in order to maintain a healthy and safe work Environment.
Understand and Practice how Standard Operating Procedures are developed for HSE.


Graduation in any field

Award of Certification

Qualified participants will be awarded with a Certification upon completion of course material, as well as qualifying the exam and the assigned project.

Course Contents

The program consists of 7 Modules, as follows:


Introduction HSE Management: Overview of HSE Management System, Structure & Organizing of HSE and Legal & Other Requirements.

Module 2:

Hazard Identification Risk Assessment & Controls: Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment, Hierarchy & Principals of Control, Movement of People & Vehicles Hazards & Control / Equipment, Manual, Mechanical & Electrical Hazards & Control, Chemical & Biological Health Hazards & Control / Fire Hazards & Control, Working at Height & Confined Space Hazards & Control / Physical & Psychological Hazards & Control and Construction Activities Hazards & Control / Introduction of Process Safety (HAZOP, FEMA, What if, SIL) / Behavioral Management

Module 3:

Environmental Management: Introduction to Environmental Laws, Introduction of ISO-14001 and Environmental Requirements of Projects / Environmental Management Plan & Implementation

Module 4:

Occupational Incident & Accident Analysis & Control: Classification of Incidents / Major Causes of Industrial Accidents, Incident Analysis (4M Analysis, Cause &Effect , Tripod Beta), Corrective & Preventive Measures, Incident Reporting and Leading & Lagging EHS Indicators

Module 5:

Emergency Preparedness: Categorization of Emergencies / Emergency Response Plan Requirements, How to develop an efficient ERP, Disaster Management

Module 6:

HSE Audits:Audit Introduction & Protocols / How to develop Audit Scope & Checklist, Audit Methodologies and Audit Findings Summary & Final Report / Permit to Work

Module 7:

HSE Modern & Best Industrial Practices: Drug Free Workplace Management, Emergency First Aid and Fire Safety (Passive & Active Controls)


The participants are required to work on real life projects on selected topics and tools, preferably from the organizations in which they are working. The projects will be of a practical nature and should be completed within the stipulated time frames. A project report will be submitted in accordance with the laid down criteria, format and coverage


The faculty is derived from a pool of qualified practitioners and academicians with sound track record and expertise in the field

Course Material

Course material, class notes and slides will be provided by trainers in hard form.

Teaching Strategies

This is a professional course and will involve a number of higher level teaching methodologies. The course is spread over four months to allow inter-session study. In this respect participants will have to carry out timely study, investigations, and assignments to grip the subject. Discussions in the class are focused on the key points, create critical thinking, share experiences of fellow professionals and build professional maturity

Duration: 3 Months
Venue: Lahore / Karachi
Course Instructor: Experienced and qualified practitioners and academicians with sound track record and expertise in the relevant field.

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