By: Imran Ahmad Rana


Corporate. QMS Manager, Treet Corporation Limited and Chief Editor ‘Quest for Excellence’, Lahore. The survival of organizations in the present time depends upon the frequency, height and effectiveness of business breakthroughs (BT) and Innovation management. Innovation can’t be successfully introduced and never be sustained in the absence of Good Daily Management Systems in organizations. Poor daily management systems (consumes extensive resources and energies of the top management). Most organizations who see decline in TQM effectiveness try to amend this degradation by introducing more advance problem solving (TQM Tools) rather than improving the foundation of TQM, i.e. addressing the basics of TQM. It is just like buying and putting in a brand
new engine for a racing car but lost the race just due to flat tires. Breakthrough Management is strongly advocated through latest TQM tools like Six Sigma or by concepts advocated by Shoji Shiba. However, it is important to be careful when deciding to embark on any of these breakthrough management tools. As the Breakthroughs are essential for competitiveness for survival in today’s age, it is equally important to rule out that daily management systems have not failed in the past. The Daily Management Systems are the key ingredient to successful TQM
program implementation in organization of any size and kind. Strong daily management practices inculcate discipline across the organization, standardize the local practices which in turn provide foundation for customer focused business breakthroughs and innovation.
This paper discusses the organizational competitiveness and survival through an integrated approach of daily and breakthrough management system (DBMS). Dr. KANO’s House of TQM , Prof. Ando’s Daily management concept and Prof. Shoji Shiba’s BT principles have been taken as the reference to introduce Daily & Breakthrough Management Systems (DBMS). DBMS, as a modified concept is introduced by the author which may be more helpful and beneficial for companies in dealing effectively with radical improvements while maintaining a high level of
standardization and daily management systems in tact. It also links itself with ISO 9000 standards. Particularly, key impediments in the corporate sector of Pakistan are discussed.

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