Pakistan’s 14th
International Convention on Quality Improvement

Duration:-              2 Days

Date & Place:-       Last convention was held on Nov 20-21,  2014, Lahore – Pakistan


Sharing of best quality practices, tools and techniques considered vital in achieving better quality products & services, enhanced productivity and organizational excellence for business growth and prosperity at the country level.

ICQI Mission

The future of any country lies in the Quality of its governance, education, industry and services. ICQI is a forum of key stakeholders from the government, education, corporate sector and other societal segments to share useful knowledge and best Quality practices for achieving better Quality, enhanced productivity and organizational excellence.


The convention will focus on “On the Road to Excellence – Quality & Lean practices”. The convention will include key notes, papers, case studies and critical analysis in order to re-evaluate the existing state of our organizations in the present national and global scenario, and generate collective wisdom and knowledge to set the right path for achieving world class quality and excellence in organizations.


This convention is useful for  Management decision-makers, Quality Assurance & Management Managers and Professionals, Consultants, Auditors, HR professionals, Heads of Business Departments, Quality Enhancement Cells of universities and for those seeking answers to the question of how to improve quality of products & services and reduce costs or boost productivity

About ICQI

ICQI is part of the series of conventions which PIQC Institute of Quality has been organizing on regular basis since 1995 to promote Quality movement in the country. It is a premium event in the country and considered as the voice of Quality in Pakistan. It is playing a key role in the promotion, dissemination and transformation of wisdom and knowledge in the field of Quality. It has also become an important professional platform for sharing corporate practices, research work, thoughts and ideas within the community of professionals and academicians focused on Quality.
With its thought provoking and vast coverage on the latest trends in the field of Quality, it is ranked amongst the top independent professional events in Pakistan covering wide range of national and international best practices, analysis and standards. Papers presentations, experiential sharing, case studies and penal discussions make this event a unique learning platform for the delegates from diverse industrial and service sectors including business, government , academia and defense.