Masters in HR Management

Weekend based Master in Human Resource Management has been specially developed by the Superior Group of Colleges with the technical assistance of PIQC Institute of Quality, Pakistan’s leading institute in the field of Quality and HR. This program is designed with the objective to groom young students as professionals for a bright career in the field of Human Resource Management within the diverse industrial and service sectors. The students are provided with relevant professional knowledge and practical skills which may enable them to apply HR practices in their organizations. This also helps them in their career growth in the field of Human Resource Management

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Develops the students / professionals with the requisite abilities for displaying highly demanded roles as HR Managers, Auditors and/or Consultants
Enables the students / professionals to effectively apply the key HR practices in their organizations
The Body of Knowledge is compatible to the Masters level programs offered by World-Class Universities throughout the world.
Provides research opportunities leading towards the relevant PhD degree.

Academic Details

Total Cr. Hrs : 69
Total Courses: 21 +Project
Total Semester: 7
Eligibility: 14 years of education; i.e. an Associate degree or 2 years BSc / BA


  1. Principles of Management
  2. Quality Management Systems & Standards
  3. Communication Skills & Professional Development
  4. Quality Management Tools & Techniques
  5. Management Information System
  6. Operations Management
  7. Human Resource Development
  8. Marketing Management
  9. Business Mathematics & Statistics
  10. Financial Management
  11. Entrepreneurship & SME
  12. Enterprise Resource Planning
  13. Total Quality Management
  14. Quantitative Techniques
  15. Strategic HRM
  16. Recruitment & Selection / Training & Development
  17. Research Methodology
  18. Performance/ Compensation Mgt
  19. Industrial Relations & Labor Laws
  20. Leadership & OB
  21. Advanced topics in HR (A) HRIS (B) Talent Management (C) HR Audit
  22. Project

Duration: 2.5 Years
Venue: Lahore
Course Instructor: A pool of competent Practitioners and Academicians

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