Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP)


This professional diploma, Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) is an extensive training program for the professionals and beginners which not only provides professional foundation but also develops their skills & competence in the field of Human Resource Management. This is a four months weekend based/ evening program aims to provide the required knowledge, skills and capabilities to HR professionals.

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Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
Use Human Resource Management Tools in your professional work
Re-conceptualize, through critical analysis, your current roles, responsibilities and approaches in different organizational set-ups as a HR Professional
Carry out practical projects in your current jobs to display the practical application of the technical knowledge
Be able to initiate or improve the important HR management programs in your organizations


Graduation with preferably two years of minimum work experience


This is a four months long program with classes on weekends.? A total of 100 contact hours are devoted for face to face lectures, while another 50 hours for the project on self study based.?


Qualified students will be awarded with a Diploma upon completion of course material, as well as qualifying the exam and the assigned project.


Module 1: Strategic HR in the Global Context

Global perspective of HRM, Strategic HRM Planning, HR as change agent?

Module 2: HRM Planning, Recruitment & Placement

HR Planning, Job Analysis and Design, Recruitment, Selection Process and Induction Orientation and Placement, Human Behaviorr and Occupational Safety

Module 3: Training and Development

Gap Analysis/ Training Need Analysis, Training Methods and Design and Training Evaluation? & Succession Planning

Module 4: Performance Management

Concepts and Techniques, Designing and implementing Performance Appraisal System, Career Development

Module 5: Compensation Management

Overview of Compensation Management, Wage and Salary Administration, Variable Pay (Incentives, Recognition & Bonus), Accounting & Finance for HR Professionals and salary Taxation.Overview of Compensation Management, Wage and Salary Administration, Variable Pay (Incentives, Recognition & Bonus), Accounting & Finance for HR Professionals and salary Taxation.

Module 6: Labor Relations

Labor Laws, Union Relationship and Work Ethics, Maintenance of Discipline at Work Place and Conducting Domestic Inquiries

Module 7: Organizational Behavior

Leadership & Motivation, Team Dynamics , Organizational Culture

Module 8: Special Topics:

HR Information System (HRIS), HRIS Audits, Social Accountability (SA-8000), Stress Management, HRM from Quality Management Perspective


The participants are required to work on a real life projects on selected topics and tools, preferably from the organizations in which they are working.The projects will be of a practical nature and should be completed within the stipulated time frames. A project report will be submitted in accordance with the laid down criteria, format and coverage


The faculty is derived from a pool of qualified practitioners and academicians with sound track record and expertise in their relevant field.


Course material, class notes and slides will be provided by trainers in hard/soft form


This is professional program which involves a number of higher level teaching methodologies. It is spread over four months to allow inter-session study. In this respect the participants are required to carry out timely investigations and submission of assignments to have grip on the subject. Discussions in the class are focused on key points; create critical thinking, sharing of experience by professionals and build professional maturity


HR Managers and professionals working in HR Department

Duration: 4 Months
Venue: Lahore/Karachi
Course Instructor: Qualified Practitioners and Academicians

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