This training empowers you to navigate the complexities of change, master restructuring strategies, and drive sustainable growth through practical case studies. This program structure is designed to be highly interactive and focused on the practical realities of Pakistani organizations. By incorporating real-world case studies, group activities, and discussions on the differences between government and private sector organizations, the program aims to provide participants with actionable insights and strategies tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities in Pakistan.

Learning Outcomes:

1.Uncover Organizational Fundamentals and Development dynamics
2.Learn Change Management Techniques
3. Implement Strategic HR Plans
4.Analyze Real-Life Case Studies for Actionable Insights
5.Cultivate Organizational Resilience and Adaptability
6.Navigate Sector-Specific Challenges and Opportunities

Course Contents:

1: Introduction to Organizational Design and Development Dynamics
2: Strategies for Change Management and Organizational Design with a Local Focus
3: Leadership in Change, Communication, and Stakeholder Engagement
4: Organization Design and Development Case Studies

Valuable For:

CEOs, Mid to Senior-Level Managers, Business Consultants, HR Professionals, Government and Private Sector Leaders, Entrepreneurs

Duration: 01 Day
Venue:  PIQC -Lahore