Quality Management, Quality of Management and Quality Culture

Khurram Nawaz

Year:    2011
Category:    TQM
Source:   ICQI 2011 – Pakistan`s 12th International Convention on Quality Improvement & 2nd ANQ Regional Conference

Publisher:   PIQC Institute of Quality

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Head Quality Assurance, National Bonds,UAE


Recent global economic meltdown has opened many avenues of discussion and leaving various questions with its affects. One of them is fate of quality management and its necessity during and after the economic recession. It is established fact that management commitment is one of the most critical success factors to achieve best possible results of quality management implementation. So quality of management is not only crucial for effective quality management but also to foster organizational culture to achieve excellence. Strategic Quality Management pave the road for effective operational management, therefore role of strategic level management is decisive for developing, enriching and enhancing quality culture within organization.
This paper will try to highlight some vital issues related to quality of management at strategic level to reflect that it’s not only the seed i.e. Quality management but also the soil i.e. fertile management soil is important for excellence culture. So based on literature review and author’s experiences, the paper will draw attention to the factors related to strategic management level, turbulences they may generate and link it with department tectonic activity (DTA) establishing how it disturbs organizational culture to achieve excellence. The survey results will reflect that what strategic level management feels more important among education, development, deployment or monitoring for addressing the factors and enhancing effectiveness of quality management / excellence model implementation at their level. Finally relevant recommendations will be shared.