PIQC Institute of Quality invites you to a comprehensive two-day workshop on an important topic related to Innovation in Quality improvement. This program is meticulously designed to elevate your problem-solving skills and innovation capacity to meet international standards, placing you in the league of global innovators like 3M, Siemens, Samsung, and Boeing who have made TRIZ a cornerstone of their innovation strategy.

Learning Outcomes:

1.Acquire a structured framework for innovation and problem-solving, proven to deliver results.
2.Apply the 40 Inventive Principles to spark unparalleled creative solutions. 3.Master function analysis and cause-and-effect chains for deeper problem understanding.
4.Enhance your critical thinking and analytical skills to navigate complex challenges.
5.Earn your International TRIZ Level 1 Practitioner certification, marking a significant milestone in your professional growth.

Course Contents:

1. Introduction – What is Systematic Innovation/TRIZ?
2. TRIZ methodology, history & adoption
3. Structured Problem Solving Process
4. Function Analysis
5. Cause-Effect Chain Analysis (CECA)
6. Trimming
7. 39 System Parameters & 40 Inventive Principles
8. Contradiction Matrix
9. Exercises, Discussion & Assessment

Valuable For:

R&D Managers, Design Engineers, Quality Professionals, Tech Entrepreneurs, Marketing and Sales Leaders, Software Engineers, and Startups.

Duration: 02 Days
Venue: PIQC-Lahore