Certified Healthcare Quality Professional (CHQP)


A joint program with the collaboration of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust – Lahore

Healthcare services today are scrutinized, measured, evaluated and publicized as never before. An increasingly educated public expects to receive nothing less than excellent care and services and it must be the mission of healthcare organization to deliver that excellence. Quality improvement is the process of continually evaluating existing processes of care and developing new standards of practice and therefore has to be a core competency for every healthcare.

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Intended Learning Outcomes

The Body of Knowledge used for this course will lead towards the preparation of “Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ)”. A program administered by the Healthcare Quality Certification Commission of the National Association for Healthcare Quality, USA. The Healthcare Quality professionals will be able promote professional standards and improve the practice of quality in healthcare organizations. The Healthcare quality professionals will be able to demonstrate the knowledge of the fundamental and technical concepts of Healthcare Quality in line with international standards and implement it to decision-making in managing the Healthcare organizations.


Bachelor’s degree with medical background. Work experience will be given preference.

Award of Certification

Qualified participants will be awarded with a Certification upon completion of course material, as well as qualifying the exam and the assigned project.


The participants are required to work on real life projects on selected topics and tools, preferably from the organizations in which they are working. The projects will be of a practical nature and should be completed within the stipulated time frames. A project report will be submitted in accordance with the laid down criteria, format and coverage

Course Contents

Module 1: (Strategic Healthcare Quality Management)

Principles of Management; Organizational infrastructure; Organizational Ethics; Organization wide healthcare quality functions; Strategic planning and Quality planning; Role of the healthcare quality professional; Organizational plan for patient care services, Fundamentals of Quality Control, -Assurance (QA), -Management System (QMS) in healthcare; PDCA & Process/service outcomes, Key Performance indicators (KPIs), Benchmarking and best practices, Planning the Healthcare quality strategy; The Quality Strategy: The Written Plan; The Quality Resource Center, Implementation of healthcare Quality; Performance improvement Strategy

Module 2:  (Regulatory, Accreditation & Certification)

Certification & Accreditation basics; Agencies for Certification & Accreditation; Overview of Baldrige Award criteria, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems- Requirements, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems- Requirements, Awareness to Regulatory requirements; Accreditation process for Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC), Healthcare Licensure;  Overview of PHC- Primary healthcare standard, Overview of PHC- Secondary healthcare & Tertiary healthcare Standards, Overview of JCI- Chapters & Standards; Accreditation process for JCI; Survey methodology; JCI standard for Information Management; International patient safety goals, Infection control practices; Occupational health & safety issues; Documentation requirements for nursing; Facilities management & safety

Module 3:  (Information Management)

Basics of Information management; Information Resource and education, Management of the legal aspects; Management of Documentation, The medical Record; Epidemiological theory and methods; Defining the Population, Data  Collection Techniques; Basic Statistics; Display Techniques; Analysis and interpretation

Module 4:  (Performance Improvement)

Performance improvement concepts; Measurement & Analysis process; Data management system; Statistics to describe; Data display & interpretation; Quality improvement tools, SPC fundamentals & tools to evaluate healthcare processes, Six Sigma fundamentals & metrics; Problem solving methodology, Different phases (DMAIC) of Six Sigma, Lean Thinking Approach; Types of wastes; Workplace improvement/ 5S Principle Approach, Kaizen events; VA/ Non-VA activities; Process-Flow diagramming & Value stream Mapping

Module 5:  (People Management)

Basics of People Management; Leader As Motivator; Time Management; People in the performance improvement process; Team building, coordination & communication, Empowerment; Decision making & problem solving; Change management; Employee selection QM; PI Training; Orientation/ Staff Performance

Module 6:  (Clinical Governance)

Overview & Fundamentals of Clinical Governance; Complaints monitoring and tracking; Incident monitoring and tracking; Sentinel Events investigations;  Healthcare Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (HFMEA); Clinical Pathways / Guidelines; Clinical audits, Credentialing, privileging & Re-credentialing of medical staff;  Effective documentation in the medical records, Procurement; Dispensing & Administration; Storage, Medication Safety Tools, Principles of Risk Management & Planning; Informed Consent; Mortality & Morbidity reviews; Incident Reporting; Hazards Vulnerability Analysis,

Types of medication errors ; Root Cause Analysis; Enterprise risk management; Risk Register


The faculty is derived from a pool of qualified practitioners and academicians with sound track record and expertise in the field

Course Material

Course material will be provided in hard form.

Teaching Strategies

This is a professional course and will involve a number of higher level teaching methodologies. The course is spread over four months to allow inter-session study. In this respect participants will have to carry out timely study, investigations, and assignments to grip the subject. Discussions in the class are focused on the key points, create critical thinking, share experiences of fellow professionals and build professional maturity

Course Instructor: Qualified and Experienced Practitioners and Academicians

Duration: 04 Months
Venue: Lahore & Karachi

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